NYC day 3.. roaming around and going to the concert!

I'm playing catch up here. Time flies over here. Way to much to do, so there is barely time to update ze blog. My bad. But it is what it is. So here are some pics from earlier this week. Day 3 in the big apple!

 photo _DSC2671_zpsfyj1zygd.jpg

 photo _DSC2694_zpsve16cqey.jpg

 photo _DSC2743_zpszhtaqxke.jpg
 photo _DSC2756_zpse9haclbt.jpg
 photo _DSC2762_zpscxogaqkn.jpg
 photo _DSC2769_zpsirhndgfh.jpg
 photo _DSC2753_zpshkmqtjb8.jpg
 photo _DSC2796_zps9wqbcunj.jpg
 photo _DSC2799_zpsw9euut5y.jpg
 photo _DSC2806_zps1mlu3orf.jpg
 photo _DSC2812_zps8ex74v5l.jpg
 photo _DSC2835_zpspv1ratfw.jpg

 photo _DSC2842_zpsszbvqmqd.jpg

 photo _DSC2871_zpsz6kwnjxg.jpg photo _DSC2881_zpsexttmy2y.jpg
Baller habits.

 photo _DSC2996_zpsxyslczmd.jpg

 photo _DSC2999_zpsmf91bmjz.jpg
 photo _DSC3002_zps4ln8gzbg.jpg
Dinner time.

 photo _DSC3267_zps5v7flja0.jpg
 photo _DSC3335_zpsmaiygd0z.jpg
 photo _DSC3663_zpsumbqxcym.jpg
 photo _DSC3903_zpshnrhlja8.jpg
 photo _DSC3958_zpslktbi7qg.jpg
 photo _DSC4030_zpsugcwba9t.jpg
 photo _DSC4047_zpsgndhcke6.jpg
 photo _DSC4175_zpsqdjgwyb9.jpg
 photo _DSC4185_zpsttyuifmc.jpg
The Bowery.

Ok bye!

Season 2, episode 3 - Nails for 20 000 kr!!

Episode 3 is up!

 photo _DSC0751_zps4tchgnyc.jpg
 photo _DSC0761_zpswtv17fe8.jpg
 photo _DSC0767_zpswdwas3sw.jpg

 photo _DSC0771_zpsxf9hfvit.jpg

The homie Tomine Harket asked to join an episode, and we had to mike it happen. She is a sucker for doing her nails, so we had to try some really expensive ones. It turned out very funny haha. I even had to try it haha. S/O to @kristine_nails for doing our nails. Hahah.

Check it out!

Episode 2, season 2. Nails for 20 000 kr

 photo _DSC0785_zpsroakspru.jpg
 photo _DSC0786_zpspiymgrjn.jpg
Ouefff.. chains and golden turtles!

 photo _DSC0796_zpsoourrak7.jpg
 photo _DSC0808_zpscddzvjyt.jpg
 photo _DSC0811_zpsqrxjqemw.jpg
 photo _DSC0831_zpsyvkqrfos.jpg
Thanks for joining!

NYC day 2... tag along, shopping, tennis, food and hang outs!

Day 2 started off pretty good. As usual I can never sleep in when I'm in the US. Always waking up early. So I fell asleep at around 4 am, but woke up at 7. We didn't have anything before 10 so I decided to check out the gym at the hotel. I'm proud haha. Did some running. Already know that I'll be eating so much over here, so its nice to maintain some sort of physique haha.

 photo _DSC2027_zpsyhorgtcv.jpg
 photo _DSC2028_zpsvszs2nxp.jpg

I joined Astrid on her morning schedule yesterday. Tagged along when she did some interviews. She nailed them as usual. After that Astrid, and me decided to hit up SoHo and Broadway to see if there was anything nice to shop. I checked the usual stores, but didn't really shop anything. Got a shirt at Kith and some stuff for Karen at Noah. Its always dope to check the stores though. I love to just people watch around these stores. So many interesting people. Love it haha. The best part about our little round was meeting Brendon Babenzien. The legend, who used to be Supreme Creative Director, who founded Noah NYC. Such a humble person. Thanks for the talk good sir!

 photo _DSC2049_zpsvqkmerye.jpg

 photo _DSC2087_zpsr5dmqx3f.jpg

 photo _DSC2139_zpsqmctehgj.jpg
Signing the wall. Drawing on Lil Yachty's boat.

 photo _DSC2156_zpswxn5w6up.jpg

 photo _DSC2212_zpsn8p2dybf.jpg
Interview lyfe.

 photo _DSC2230_zpsenlrpyxx.jpg
 photo _DSC2162_zps3nbarfp4.jpg
S/O Dags.

 photo _DSC2258_zpsrzm573wb.jpg

 photo _DSC2245_zps5ybzzvhk.jpg
Astrid S.

 photo _DSC2257_zpscmgmlxp4.jpg
 photo _DSC2264_zps7cf0z758.jpg
Need these in my life. Swear. Please someone help!

 photo _DSC2268_zpsfkan6jvr.jpg
 photo _DSC2272_zpsgffh48kv.jpg
My favourite. Kith on Broadway.

 photo _DSC2283_zpswiy7ex6h.jpg
Poke another favourite!

 photo _DSC2286_zps7dbqc0fp.jpg
We both liked it haha.

 photo _DSC2290_zpsnzoaetp8.jpg
The legend Brendon.

 photo _DSC2300_zpsczwficvs.jpg
Back to BK.

After shopping we went back to the hotel, to play some tennis. Haha. We all sucked, but it was fun. We did get some really dope pics though.

 photo _DSC2402_zpszagtnxnd.jpg
 photo _DSC2311_zpsgbp6jaqy.jpg
 photo _DSC2487_zpsx0ejzrdu.jpg
 photo _DSC2496_zpsvj4ftx8p.jpg
 photo _DSC2499_zpsf59ltwz5.jpg
 photo _DSC2507_zps5vyxogri.jpg
Squad activities. More pics to come.

When that was over, I met up with Deck, Eve, and the birthday kid, Blanca! Hope you had a good one Blanca. I'm happy we got to celebrate you. Its been a while since you lived in Oslo, so its nice to get to hangout when we're here. We ate a really nice dinner at Friends of Farmers in Brooklyn. Very nice.

 photo _DSC2514_zpsezoj9ocq.jpg
 photo _DSC2531_zpsbfol42zq.jpg
 photo _DSC2535_zps0uzpuava.jpg
 photo _DSC2541_zpsdxxnheds.jpg
Yes. I was full hah.

 photo _DSC2543_zpsas1arp7p.jpg
Very good.

 photo _DSC2544_zpsfm9xapkr.jpg
 photo _DSC2547_zpsobutttpt.jpg
 photo _DSC2554_zpsngcpzblp.jpg
Good times. Happy birthday b!

 photo _DSC2573_zpsnbid4nwh.jpg
 photo _DSC2578_zpsprgdjkuq.jpg
Thanks for another great day guys.

I was supposed to just go to sleep after dinner. However, a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in 17 years contacted me. Kristine moved with her family to the USA, and ever since then I hadn't seen her. It was dope to catch up. Happy that things are good with you over here, and that the family is doing good as well! She took me around to different spots to grab some drinks. Met her friends that were dope too. Much appreciated. Another good NYC day.

 photo _DSC2597_zpsuqnbmght.jpg
Dope spot. Hole in the wall bar. Looked like an apartment.

 photo _DSC2609_zpsbd3bbt5k.jpg
Good peoples.

 photo _DSC2625_zpsaldy6llr.jpg
 photo _DSC2637_zps1ci66ehu.jpg
Ok bye.